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URC Sells Itself

AND brings more customers back to the service lane

Don't believe it?
We get this a lot when it comes to F&I sales via the service drive. But Universal Repair Coverage (URC) is different, and we can show you. URC has been designed to sell itself via simple take-one brochures. How is that possible? Because URC is easy to understand, making on-the-spot purchase decisions easier, too.

Entire vehicle coverage.
No exceptions, no exclusions.

URC is entire vehicle coverage that's priced lower than most Powertrain warranties. And since it covers every mechanical and electrical breakdown — there are no surprises when your customer comes back to the service lane. In fact, URC can actually drive more repeat business to dealer service lanes.

Let Me Show You. Email me to request more information or schedule a meeting. You can also call me directly at 888.973.9776.

Dave Bafumo Dave Bafumo
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