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Because "No, Thanks" isn't the answer you want.
Your sale on that higher mileage vehicle is nearly closed. But your customer isn’t going for a VSC. What next? Typically, that means a sales "pivot" to an F&I product that's cheaper, but still somewhat attractive to the customer.

And there's the problem. "Still attractive," usually means less coverage, or more exclusions. Or both. Switching from the usual, "Here's a short list of things that are excluded from coverage" conversation to "The exact name of the part must be named in the contract or it's not covered" is a tough pivot.

Universal Repair Coverage – Total Vehicle Protection is Easy to Sell
URC is entire vehicle coverage and it's priced lower than most Powertrain warranties. It also comes without any of the claims hassles post-sale. In fact, URC can also help lift customer satisfaction – via a simpler, more pleasant customer experience in the service drive.

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Dave Bafumo Dave Bafumo
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