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Number One Dealer Solution
  Half The Cost of a VSC

When it comes to retailing higher-mileage vehicles, there's a whole different set of issues for agents to consider when it comes to products offered in the F&I office:

  • Are my dealers losing VSC sales due to limited coverage options?
  • Will high mileage VSC stated component, wear & tear and parts & labor limitations result in unhappy customers when it comes time to make a claim?
  • Are my dealers losing product sales due to the high cost of existing options for high mileage vehicles?

The #1 "High Mileage Fit" in U.S. Dealerships

Universal Repair Coverage (URC) is the perfect fit when a VSC doesn't make sense because:

  • URC is exclusionary coverage — entire vehicle protection
  • Every car qualifies, regardless of mileage or model year
  • Pays 50% of every repair bill, for all mechanical and electrical breakdowns
  • Added benefits for insurance deductibles, rental car, roadside assistance
  • Dealers approve their own claims — no pre-authorization or negotiation
  • No parts or labor limits
  • Enhances customer satisfaction — meets expectations at the service lane
  • Priced for easy sales — HALF the cost of a VSC

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