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A CPO Program For The Agent

Until now the factories have had this market cornered. And virtually every one of them won’t certify off-brand vehicles. The agent and dealer are both cut out of a profitable opportunity.

Provide the solution that enables your deal- ers to send less money away and earn more by boosting used car sales and reinsuring the warranty.

Deliver a custom built Certified Pre-Owned program:

• Much more flexible than factory programs, with terms, rates and eligibility that you and the dealer control

• Works seamlessly with the underlying service contract for higher penetrations

• Builds the dealership brand to give your agency acompetitive advantage

• Includes point-of-sale marketing materials for the lot and inside the dealership*

*In some states, restrictions apply on the use of the word “certified” by entities other than the OEM.

Get the Certified Program Made forYou,
Not the Factory.

Professional agents are invited to call
Mark Barnes, Senior Vice-President

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