With Provider Exchange Network (PEN), eContracting can exist all within one system at the dealership.

We all know that electronic contracting is needed to improve the automotive finance industry so everyone can realize cost efficiencies and a reduction of errors. Unfortunately, sometimes it's hard to convince our dealers that an electronic process is the way to go. Until now.

PEN was designed to work "within" established dealer systems. Your dealers will not have to purchase or learn a new software application in order to contract electronically with you.

The PEN connection allows providers to integrate real-time with the major dealership point-of-sale systems, resulting in greater dealer exposure and increased sales. PEN connects to leading electronic menu systems on the market and integration to leading DMS systems, like Reynolds and Reynolds ERA and POWER or ADP Drive, are coming soon.

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**Sign up with PEN by October 31st and take advantage special savings on integration fees.**