It's common for Agents to think that F&I product rating and contracting INSIDE the DMS is simply wishful thinking.

Wish no more. It's here. It's real. Dealers can rate and contract F&I products from the DMS and eliminate the need to go to a rate card or separate website. You can get all the facts at this year's NADA show in Orlando.

Visit the F&I displays at ADP, Booth #2443,
and Reynolds and Reynolds, Booth #1084,
and encourage your dealers to attend as well.

Efficient dealer workflow is critical, and both companies will demonstrate F&I product rating and contracting directly within the DMS using PEN's exclusive integration. This technology is groundbreaking, but we just call it logical.

Provider Exchange Network (PEN) connects provider products to dealer systems. We integrate F&I products with direct access to the DMS, allowing your dealers to receive real-time, accurate ratings, electronically.

But, that's only part of the story. Document preparation, contract booking and reporting functions happen "on the inside" as well.

Simple, yet brilliant. Add this to your list for NADA and see how PEN can help Agents support their dealers in simplifying business processes. Also, visit us online at