In the future, all F&I product contracts will originate electronically from any dealer system...

Welcome to the future!

Electronic product ratings and contracting direct from the DMS or Menu saves the dealer time and money, while making it easier to sell F&I products.

Provider Exchange Network (PEN) is the only digital contracting service dedicated to the F&I Aftermarket Provider. PEN works within the leading software applications used during the F&I transaction to integrate product providers in real-time with the major dealership point-of-sale systems, resulting in greater dealer exposure and increased sales.

The PEN Connection:

  • Helps dealers avoid the hassle of managing multiple software application and portals
  • Presents a simplified integration strategy into the F&I process, making it easier to do business with your dealers through a single data interface
  • Allows dealers to eliminate the need to buy or learn new software in order to enjoy accurate rates and timely reporting of contracts
  • Offers exclusive integration to Automatic Data Processing (ADP) and Reynolds and Reynolds dealerships nationwide

Stop spending time trying to solve the portal integration puzzle – PEN supports a direct transaction between the dealer and your Admin System! This is not a hostile interface. PEN functions are integrated direct into the DMS software in partnership with ADP and Reynolds and Reynolds.

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