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Your dealers are looking for
a new profit center


They may already have one, but don't know how to access it.

OnPoint Financial Corporation can unlock that door for your dealers.

Why not be the agent that brings them the key!

OnPoint has been successfully providing the solution to independent dealers for years. We offer a turnkey Buy Here Pay Here lending solution that can generate enormous profits for franchise dealers.

Your dealers already have the cars and the customers. Now all they need is the loan program that creates retail profits from wholesale units.

  • No BHPH start-up costs.
  • Minimal inventory costs.
  • No collection department costs.

Learn how to bring this product to your dealers! Call for details to become an agent today, and create a new profit center for your agency.

Agents earn a commission from OnPoint on each funded loan, and more loans mean more product sales for the agency.

Contact Andy Regula at (781) 871-4220 x1002 or

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