Instant 50% Off Repairs

Service Drive Sales Made Easy

Customers buy Universal Repair Coverage via the service drive — because the deal is hard to pass up.
URC is simple to understand. When they buy, customers take 50% off their repair bill on the day of service. They also take 50% off repairs for every kind of mechanical or electrical breakdown repairs for the next four years! No waiting periods, no restrictions on parts or labor.

Raise Customer SatisfactionGreater service drive loyalty. No claims hassles or negotiation.
Because URC covers every mechanical and elecrical breakdown, there are no surprises when customers come back to the service lane. In fact, URC helps raise overall customer satisfaction because the whole experience is painless.

Free InfoFor pricing information and further questions email me. You can also call me directly at 888.973.9776.

Dave Bafumo
Dave Bafumo
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